Railing manufacture and design

Railing manufacture and design

Railing manufacture and design

When we take on a new project, we first responsibly assess each customer’s individual needs and vision, so before production begins, our designer will create a project based on your wishes.
During the measuring process, we discuss with the client the specifications of the handrail, whether a wooden armrest will be used, and how it will be attached to the staircase marches. All this information is shown on the alignment drawings during the design process.
For handrails that are installed outdoors we usually offer the following options:
The structure is powder primed and painted according to the RAL colour palette.
The structure is hot-dip galvanised, sandblasted and then painted according to the RAL colour palette.
The difference between these two coatings is durability, with the second treatment having a higher resistance to moisture, even in the presence of mechanical damage to the paint.
We use the latest and most modern welding equipment, such as ESAB, JASIC and KEMPPI, for the production and installation of indoor and outdoor railings.

We use TIG welding machines to weld the internal handrail constructions, so that the welding seams are minimised and the product looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. For this type of object we have also recently started to use the etched furniture type of tubes, which are produced by metal manufacturers with the intention that they will be used specifically for interior products.
For balcony railings, a mobile aluminium tower is often used. It is easily erected in the courtyards of private houses or on larger sites. Other lifting equipment can be rented if necessary.

Stair railings

Stair railings, also known as internal railings, can be installed on top of the steps or on the side of the stair treads.

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs are an integral part of the interior design.

Balcony railings

Glass - perfect for outdoor balcony railings. It can be combined with stainless steel elements or painted aluminium profiles.