Railings for apartment buildings

Railings for apartment buildings

Railings for apartment buildings

The company can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails for apartment buildings in a variety of profiles.
We offer our own solutions for installation work, preparing alignment drawings for the production of the insert parts in preparation for future installation of railings.

Galvanised metal railings
If there is a requirement for a higher moisture resistance class for the outdoor railings of multi-family buildings, we always recommend the use of hot-dip galvanising before powder coating. Hot-dip galvanising (galvanising) is available for many steel types. Some active elements present in steel, in particular silicon (Si) and phosphorus (P), may interfere with the hot-dip galvanising process. For this reason, the selection of a suitable composition can lead to better zinc plating results in terms of appearance, thickness and smoothness of the product. Also, the treatment of the metal prior to galvanising (whether cold or hot rolled) may affect the reaction with the zinc alloy. If great importance is attached to the appearance of the product or the thickness of the coating, it is advisable to enquire about the origin of the steel before manufacturing the product.

Stainless steel handrails
The most common grade of stainless steel in Lithuania is AISI304. It is suitable for our weather conditions, but for maximum resistance we can use AISI316 grade, which is widely used in Scandinavia, in cities closer to the sea etc.
In projects where balconies are made of glass, powder-coated aluminium is used, a combination that also has very good resistance to humidity and is suitable for outdoor use.

Inside apartment buildings, railings are usually made of black or stainless steel.
We can offer a wooden armrest on this type of handrail.

Railing manufacture and design

When we take on a new project, we first responsibly assess each customer's individual needs and vision, so our designer will draw up a project according to your wishes before production begins.

Balcony railings

Glass - perfect for outdoor balcony railings. It can be combined with stainless steel elements or painted aluminium profiles.