Railings for schools

Railings for schools

Railings for schools

The company has completed more than 25 different projects in schools, kindergartens and other public institutions.

In these types of projects, the specifications and materials may vary.
The metal can be stainless steel or black powder-coated steel.
The main criteria are:

Extract from STR:

221.3. in pre-school, general education and boarding schools (first grades) – 1,20 m;
221.4. for stairways and landings in institutions for children with special needs (blind, partially sighted and mentally handicapped) – 1,50 (1,80) m;

There is also a requirement that the “fill” of handrails should not exceed 0.1 m.

In accordance with all these instructions, and with the help of the design drawings, the handrails will be put into production in consultation with the school representatives.


Railing manufacture and design

When we take on a new project, we first responsibly assess each customer's individual needs and vision, so our designer will draw up a project according to your wishes before production begins.

Railings for apartment buildings

The company can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails for multi-apartment buildings of various profiles.

For business

We can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails in a wide range of profiles for apartment buildings, public buildings, schools and other institutions.