Steel products

Steel products

Steel products

The company can produce a wide range of metal products in black or stainless steel to individual orders.

We have produced various styles of canopies.

They can be of several types:

Glass and stainless steel canopies.
Canopy in glass and black painted steel.
Canopy in black or stainless steel with polycarbonate sheet.
A canopy made entirely of black steel profiles and sheet with a painted finish.

We can also produce larger structures, such as the one shown in photo x. Here is a gazebo made of painted steel, with a toughened glass top.

We also make various types of fencing, as in photo x, including garage fencing and perforated sheet.

Our company has carried out a project at the production premises of UAB Hollister Lietuva in Kaunas. There we made the stainless steel and stainless steel barriers, which you can see in photo x.

In photo x you can see the bulky pots for trees, we made them out of stainless steel and powder coated them with paint.


For business

We can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails in a wide range of profiles for apartment buildings, public buildings, schools and other institutions.

Railing manufacture and design

When we take on a new project, we first responsibly assess each customer's individual needs and vision, so our designer will draw up a project according to your wishes before production begins.

Railings for apartment buildings

The company can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails for multi-apartment buildings of various profiles.