Wooden railings

Wooden railings

Wooden railings

Wood is a common element in interior railings.
Solid ash or oak is the most common choice. The type of wood is adapted to the existing floor or staircase according to the customer’s requirements.
The handrail can be rectangular, square or round.
We usually apply an oil finish, which is a natural varnish designed to soak into the wood, bringing out the texture and leaving the pores open. Modern wood oils are formulated with linseed, teak, or soya oils, as well as various types of vegetable wax. An oiled surface is much more pleasant to the touch. We can help you choose the colour from our available palettes. 
If you want to match the colour of the wood to your kitchen furniture, we recommend using a stain. After staining, we apply a protective coat of varnish.

Handrail posts, also known as ‘filler’, are often metal in modern interiors. The metal can be rectangular or round, and various metal decorative elements are also available.
We match the colour of the balusters to other interior details such as light fittings, handles, doors, etc.
For metal balusters, we powder-coat them. The paint has different mattnesses and textures, and we discuss them in detail with our customers.
The balusters can also be turned from wood, and can be finished in a different colour than the armrest.

For outdoor wooden railings, we recommend larch wood, which has exceptional characteristics: although it is thorny, it is classified as hardwood. This wood needs to be impregnated with a suitable oil in order to be able to serve properly in our climate.


Wooden Stairs

Laiptų pakopos yra neatskiriama vidaus interjero dalis.

Stair railings

Laiptų turėklai, arba dar vadinami vidaus turėklai gali būti montuojami ant pakopų viršaus arba iš laiptų maršų šono.

Glass railings

Glass - perfect for outdoor balcony railings. It can be combined with stainless steel elements or painted aluminium profiles.