Window sills

Window sills

Solid ash window sills.

Ash wood, renowned for its light to light brown colour and straight texture, has the durability of hardwood. It has excellent resistance to wear and tear, making it a good choice for windowsills. The inherent strength of ash wood means that windowsills can withstand the daily demands of being near doors and windows.

The light and neutral colour of ash wood can brighten and complement the overall interior design. It has a clean and contemporary look that is particularly attractive in modern or minimalist interiors. The straight ash wood pattern gives a sense of order and simplicity, contributing to a visually pleasing and uncluttered space.

Solid oak window sills.

Oak wood is renowned for its warm, honeyed tones and distinctive textural patterns. Oak is respected for its strength and resilience, making it ideal for windowsills, especially in high traffic areas.

We have another position for solid oak window sills with branches, this type of wood is just as hard-wearing and expressive as regular oak wood, but where there have been branches we apply a dark or wood-coloured spackle.

The rich and attractive colour of oak wood gives the space a traditional charm. The expressive patterns in the wood texture create a sense of character and depth, making the oak window sills the focal point of the room. The versatility of oak wood ensures that it complements a wide range of interior design styles, from classic to contemporary.

Both types of window sills can be stained and varnished or oiled. We can also paint them to RAL colours. We prepare colour samples on the wood of your choice, matching the colour to the flooring or other interior details provided by the customer.

The front part of the window sill can be extended forward according to the customer’s request, usually by 10-30 mm. We can align the window sill with the wall on request, but you should discuss these issues separately with the craftsman at the time of measuring.

The installation of window sills is required before stair treads and internal handrails, and we install window sills when the walls are being finished.

Wooden Stairs

Laiptų pakopos yra neatskiriama vidaus interjero dalis.

Stair railings

Laiptų turėklai, arba dar vadinami vidaus turėklai gali būti montuojami ant pakopų viršaus arba iš laiptų maršų šono.

Glass railings

Glass - perfect for outdoor balcony railings. It can be combined with stainless steel elements or painted aluminium profiles.