About Us

About Us

About us

The company started operations in October 2015.

The company’s main activity is the manufacture and installation of handrails.

We also manufacture and install wooden stair treads.

In recent years, the company has grown and expanded its activities significantly.

We can offer design services, if you can’t decide how a product will look in your home, we can prepare visualisations.

On request, we can offer fabrication of metal constructions without installation. We can visit the site, take measurements, prepare a drawing for coordination and prepare the product.

We can sell other staircase elements on request, such as wall mountings for armrests, wooden or metal armrests and balusters.

The company carries out installation work. We can install façade elements, glass canopies, wooden outdoor terraces, fencing for apartment garages.

For business

We can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails in a wide range of profiles for apartment buildings, public buildings, schools and other institutions.

Stair railings

Stair railings, also known as internal railings, can be installed on top of the steps or on the side of the stair treads.

Railings for apartment buildings

The company can offer design, manufacture and installation of handrails for multi-apartment buildings of various profiles.